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Erik Kruger – Personal Performance & Leadership Coach

Erik Kruger is a Personal Performance & Leadership Coach who’s the founder of the BetterMan community.This went on to become South Africa’s biggest online community for men dedicated to self-improvement. Since then Erik have gone on to coach executives, high-level entrepreneurs, and celebrities. His coaching focuses on three important aspects of what he call the Human Potential Triad – meaning making, high-performance, mental toughness.

Erik Kruger is one of the Best Personal Performance & Leadership Coaches in South Africa and we at the International Business Communication Network Highly recommended Erik for any Personal Performance and leadership Coaching – Stefan Prinsloo


Never let the lack of immediate feedback discourage you from sustaining a course of action.

For some actions there is a delay between cause and effect.

The reason for this is that the results of certain actions are so small that they seem invisible.

To make them visible you need to stay the course and with great patience stay focused on the steps in front of you.

Do not become discouraged.

One day you will wake up and find that you have reached into the ether and made real that which once only lived in your imagination.

When that happens, pop me an email so I can share in your joy.

Acta non verba,
Erik Kruger



Erik Kruger

Personal Performance & Leadership Coach | Keynote Speaker | Host of Psychology of Personal Performance podcast

Phone: 060-463-3984
Skype: @erikruger


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Based in Johannesburg, South Africa


  1. 4u Trailers

    The Impact that he have made was enormous at 4u Trailers. We send one of our representatives to a business Breakfast and the impact he made on our company thru the representative was huge. A few changes have being made to the company policy and so far its working. Thanks Erik