How To Boost Sales

Sales growth is the underlying force that propels the success of our companies. It’s the one thing we all have in common – we need business to survive.

Recently, our firm realised that many of our clients are hungry for advice on how to boost sales. In this blog, we’d like to highlight a few useful tips. These include simple tricks of the trade we apply in our own business. It also includes a few other sales hacks you might find useful.

How To Close a Sales Deal


The goal of the cold-calling tactic is to phone 100 people as quick as you can – without expecting to make a sale. Focus on gathering info, instead of rumbling off a sales script. Here’s why it’s not absolute ludicrous: When you eliminate the fear of rejection, your focus moves to the customer. You start asking the right kind of questions: “If you could change one thing in your business today, what would it be?” These provide priceless insights and Brian Tracy calls this: “Stepping on the accelerator of your sales career”. Nice.

“Step onto the accelerator of your sales career.”


2. Break Through To The Right Person:

When calling a potential client’s office, ask to speak directly to the CEO of the company. Understandably, he or she might not have the time to talk sales. Odds are, you’ll be diverted to the sales manager you wanted to talk to in the first place.

3. How To Approach The First Meeting:

Once you’ve managed to land a meeting with a potential customer, there are three rules:

  • Go in naked:
    Don’t overwhelm the client with a briefcase full of documents and info. Remember: You’re building a relationship.
  • Show keen interest:
    You’ve done your homework on the client, now show interest in their company and most importantly – listen. Think about it, which meeting would you rather attend? A sales pitch lead by one party, or a two-way conversation getting to know one another?
  • Follow up after the meeting.
    Follow up the meeting with a short email as soon as you get back to the office. Thank the potential client for their time and include something personal. “During our meeting, you mentioned that you would like to keep building on…”

Tap Into Your Existing Clients

1. The Power of Promotions:

At a certain point in time, your discounted product/service could be the deciding factor when a customer is comparing your product with your competitor’s.

2. Keep Calm And Up Sell On:

The cost of up-selling to an existing client is a lot less than the acquisition costs of a new client. Listen to your clients’ challenges and help them by suggesting alternative products. Happy customers equal healthy business.

3. Ask For A Friend:

Once you’ve established a strong relationship with your customers, ask your clients for testimonials. Ask them if they know of other business owners who might value from your product/service.

Unforgettable Events: Host Them – Attend Them

People will remember you for a good experience. Other than massive social functions, there are many other innovative eventshappening on home soil, including lean (start-up) coffee. Lean (start-up) coffee is a weekly 1-hour coffee for start-ups. The meeting has no agenda; no speaker and discussions centre on the topics chosen by attendees.

Be Visible In The Online Space And Boost Sales

By this time, you’re probably a bit more comfortable with the term ‘digital marketing’ than a few years back. In a nutshell: When someone types a specific product or service into Google – your name should pop up. You’re online presence should include a solid website and active social media profiles. Keep in mind that you don’t have to be on all social media platforms. Simply ask yourself the question: Where do your potential clients hang out?


It takes time and amazing online content to build up a good organic ranking on Google. For this reason, you might want to start by looking at Google AdWords to reach your customers instantly. We suggest you partner up with an expert in the field. Our firm trusts A-Triad with all our digital marketing needs.


The “natural” search results that match the user’s search query based on relevance.

One of our employees recently mentioned that: “People generally don’t like it when someone is trying to sell something to them”. That’s exactly why most of us have the True-caller app installed on our phone. Make a mental note of this when approaching potential clients.

That alone will guarantee you a customer, and not just a sale.

Author: The Beancounter

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